I was looking for an opportunity which can help me grow and learn along with some guidance if required, searching for so I found out that Women Who Code Delhi Mentorship Program 3.0 was about the corner, so I had an eye on their LinkedIn page where they announce their application open dates etc and their applications opened around mid of January.

Later, I got an email on 30th January that I was selected as one of the 50 mentees among thousands of applications received for the same .The email had information about the program and different agendas for upcoming…

Here we come to the end of this mentorship program, the last week i.e. WEEK 5. This week was majorly focussed on “Creating Our Presence”.

I had a 1:1 call with Sanchi, my mentor where she explained that this week the task was creating a good LinkedIn profile if we don’t have any for freshers and if we have one it has to be up to date with whatever big or small achievements we have. We discussed how important it is to keep such professional profiles updated since recruiters or hiring managers just check it out sometimes. …

So after having an amazing experience from Week 1,2 and 3, we were looking forward to Week 4. Week 4 was majorly focused on Open Source Contributions/Machine Learning/Blockchain or any topic of study. It was according to our preference.

I had a 1:1 call with my mentor and I told her about my interest in open source contribution among all the other topics provided. It was because there were many organizations and programs were coming up in the field o support more and more open source contributions providing a chance of learning and contributing at the same time which I…

So I was really preparing for this week to proceed up with my preparation.

This week was focused on Scholarships. I had a slot of Wednesday 5–6pm for our 1:1 call with the mentor Sanchi. After having this call I really felt like appreciating her for giving a right advice and guidance of course!

This was the 2nd week of our 5 week mentorship program which was focused on Internships and placements , so this was about what you are looking for in the upcoming months for me it was more of placement but for my fellow mentees it was for internships.

Ananya Chaurasia

ECE Junior at NSIT , Delhi.

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